JPA Property Management Services | Appointing JPA
We provide a customer focused approach to property management in Reading, Oxford and Milton Keynes. We are committed to giving a personalised service.
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Appointing JPA

How to appoint JPA Property Management Services

We have made our appointment process as simple as possible to ensure a smooth transition to us as a new agent or if you are appointing an agent for the first time.

Our dedicated team will ensure that you are guided through the process every step of the way so that no added stress will be placed on you the customer.

First steps

It is essential for us to understand our clients specific needs from the very first meeting so that we are able to personalise our service to meet your requirements and expectations. During these initial points of contact we will discuss the different levels of service you may require in order to create a service specific to your needs.


Our fees are dependant on the level of service that you require and are set in line with the recommendations of the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA). We charge a fixed fee per flat per year depending on the amount of work involved in managing your property. Unlike some companies we do not charge an additional percentage fee on top of any day to day expenditure.

Management Agreement

Our agreement is based on recommendations from ARMA and must be entered into by every client in order to outline the business and conditions of our appointment.

A director from the RMC or RTM will sign the agreement which will include a start date for our appointment, the fees agreed upon and all other aspects relating to the level of service required.

Handover process

When instructed to do so JPA Property Management Services will take over every part of the transition process.

These final steps should be stress free for the directors as we will deal with all the various parts of the handover in the shortest time possible.